Der Hintergrund

Highly accurate to market leadership

Founded more than 80 years ago in Wuppertal, STÜKEN is now considered the world leader in deep-drawn parts made out of metal. STÜKEN products are found in domestic appliances and fittings, computers, mobile phones and automobiles. In large numbers - all over the world.

Our precision deep-drawn components are mass-produced on transfer presses and stamping machines - with exterior dimensions of less than 1 mm up to 95 mm, with narrow and tight tolerances in the micrometer range and in countless forms. The economical, efficient production which is being reliable, highly accurate and qualitatively outstanding at the same time, makes STÜKEN attractive as a supplier to companies around the globe.

But it is also our pioneering spirit, entrepreneurial vision and the conviction that effective solutions are the best in collaboration with the client. We will advise and assist you developing your individual product.

STÜKEN employs more than 1200 people today. We produce in Rinteln on the Weser, in Fountain Inn in the U.S. in the state of South Carolina, in Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic and in Shanghai in the People's Republic of China. However, we are still a family business - we make your satisfaction to our cause.



Interesting Facts

Deep drawing is environmentally friendly!

In comparison to the turning  technology, the deep drawing process does not use environmentally hazardous substances such as lead. Lead-free pins made of brass, manufactured as deep-drawn part,  help the environment.
Pins for the 230V connector are usually produced as a turned part. The raw material for this always contains a certain percentage of lead.
For years there have been efforts to produce technical products without adding the toxic heavy metal lead.
With deep-drawn connector pins made of rolled brass material, this is now possible.

Every employee is a quality inspector!

How many of the roughly 1.100 STÜKEN skilled employees work in quality assurance? Each one of them!
"For example, we could also call all our production staff quality inspector"

Quality requirement 0-ppm

The unit of the defect rate is called 0-ppm (parts per million), for example in the automotive industry.
(1 defect  in 1 million parts)
Every STÜKEN employee is consistently committed to this goal!