Der Hintergrund

Good for the budget, good for the environment

The biggest advantage of the deep-draw technology is the low consumption of material: The material utilization is partly over 80% - cutting techniques yield less than 50%, depending on the contour. Thus the material cost of a turn part alone can exceed the total price for a like-drawn part. The cost savings are particularly serious for large production series.

Less material consumption also means more environmental impact, the resources are optimally utilized, resources are preserved and waste is reduced. Additions of lead and sulfur, which are added in metal-processing to improve material properties, are not necessary in deep drawing.
Dimensional accuracy and quality are added to profitability and environmental sustainability. So if you also want your turned parts production to be replaced by deep drawn parts, you have come to the right place.



St 519

The designers of STÜKEN made a deep-drawn part from a turned part. Even components with small dimensions can be produced at high precision this way.