Der Hintergrund

Environmental protection begins at your own door step – and beyond

Due to the low material usage the deep-draw technology itself is a process that is environmentally friendly in comparison to others. But that is not enough. Rather, the environment and labor protection have long been areas where we want to be active and already are - and improve ourselves continuously.

We apply an environmental management system according to ISO 14001. And we have the ambition to do more than the legal obligations require and to consistently meet the requirements of our customers on occupational safety; environmental protection and occupational safety are deeply rooted in the company:

All employees are trained and in turn integrated into the process of continuous improvement. We inform all service companies that are working in our factories about our environmental policy and include them in our environmental management. Together with all our customers and suppliers, we evaluate measures of eco-design, waste disposal, packaging and transportation.

Raw materials, water, energy – we deal gently with the natural resources. Products, processes and procedures – we monitor, analyze and evaluate them continuously.  Hazardous materials we will replace wherever possible. Reducing waste and wastewater, improving recycling. Every day.








Continuing observation of process parameters

Environmentally friendly process optimization