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STÜKEN-energy policy for the Rinteln plant

Company Stüken dedicates itself responsibly to organizational and technical measures to avoid unnecessary consumption of energy in the production process and the operation of the building. Our goal is the long-term effort to continuously improve energy efficiency.
Cost-effectiveness, productivity and working conditions are analyzed and evaluated in order to improve them. Alternative or renewable energy sources are tested for technically possible use and are applied wherever it is economically feasible.
We take on responsibility for protecting the environment ecologically. We will extend the availability of fossil fuels by avoiding to waste of resources. We apply an energy management system in accordance with the standard of

DIN EN ISO 50001

to continue to achieve continuous improvement.
Our energy management is regularly reviewed and certified by an independent and recognized organization.
Necessary resources and information are provided reasonably to build and maintain the energy management system.
We commit to complying with applicable law and to additionally consider self-imposed requirements in terms of energy use, energy consumption and energy efficiency. Our defined energy efficiency criteria apply to the procurement of services or the purchase of products or systems and are consistently communicated to our suppliers.
The energy policy is freely accessible to all employees in the company. Employees receive all relevant information and are actively involved in the energy management system.  
Energy efficiency is not just a slogan, it is our conviction.



Dr. Hubert Schmidt

Dr.-Ing. Uwe Krismann

Dipl.-Ing. Nils Petersohn