Der Hintergrund

STÜKEN-environmental policy

The core competence of the company Stüken is deep drawing, which is characterized by the fact that in comparison to other methods, sometimes considerably less raw material can be used.
Through this alone Stüken contributes to protect the environment.

In addition, the responsible and economical use of all resources has long been amongst the most important principles of the Stüken-business philosophy. According to this principle we recognize the active environmental protection and occupational safety as an important field of action for our company and as a process of continuous improvement.
We employ an environmental management system according to the standard

 ISO 14001

Environmental protection is the responsibility of every employee. Therefore, we inform and train our employees and promote a process of continuous improvement in this area.
Statutory and regulatory obligations as well as additional requirements of customers and other interested parties for environmental protection and occupational safety are consistently maintained.

We pledge to use natural resources sparingly, especially the use of raw materials, water and energy. Products, processes and procedures are assessed and evaluated with regards to risks to the environment and occupational safety.
We perform risk analyzes and derive targets and measures for the protection of our employees and the environment.

We are trying to replace hazardous substances and reduce the amount of waste and wastewater. Non-recyclable waste is to be disposed of in an ecologically friendly manner.
We have developed contingency plans and preventative security measures.

Together with our customers and suppliers, we look at ways to eco-design our products and processes, we evaluate measures of recycling, waste disposal, packaging and transport.

Service companies and artisans who are working in our factories are being informed on our environmental policy and being involved in environmental management.


Dr.-Ing. Hubert Schmidt                               Dr.-Ing. Uwe Krismann