Der Hintergrund

Commitments to Environment

Implementation guidelines of the environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001

  • We focus on our core competency deep drawing for resource conservation.
  • We handle all resources responsably and gently.
  • We understand labor and environmental protection as a process of continuous improvement.
  • We consistently adhere to our legal obligations and customer requirements.
  • We preemptively evaluate our products and processes for environmental / occupational health and safety risks.
  • We perform risk analyis and derive objectives and measures out of them.
  • We have contingency plans and preventive measures for hazard control.
  • We strive to avoid hazardous substances and to recycle waste.
  • We design our products and processes environmentally friendly.
  • We involve our suppliers and partners in our environmental management.

The Executive Board










Dr. Hubert Schmidt

Dr.-Ing. Uwe Krismann

Dipl.-Ing. Nils Petersohn