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STÜKEN-Quality Policy

The STÜKEN quality policy is derived from STÜKEN’s company strategy. It is the basis for the long-term but also for the future success of the company. The focus is on customer requirements. It is necessary to meet these requirements with products and services, while at the same time ensuring the highest possible efficiency. The goal is a high customer satisfaction. It determines the daily thoughts and actions of all employees.

The quality policy is summarized in 10 guiding principles. They comprehensibly and memorably mirror STÜKEN’S quality awareness, the responsibilities of the employees, as well as clear objectives and assumptions.

The STÜKEN management is responsible for the quality of the products and quality management. Both the executive board and managers convey the quality policy to employees as well as to suppliers. STÜKEN sees itself as a technology and innovation leader. The quality policy therefore is a strategic success factor for STÜKEN. It must always be geared towards customer needs, markets and competition. The quality targets are derived from this and are anchored in the annual business plan as well as in the medium-term strategic planning. The quality targets are supported by measures and project plans. The success of the implementation is measured by means of suitable key figures. The PDCA method is used to initiate the next improvement cycle after performance reviews and efficacy screening. STÜKEN thus follows the philosophy of the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) in relation to products and processes. This applies to all stages of the value chain, including business processes. The comparison with the best (benchmarking) and the identification of best practices takes place regularly.

At STÜKEN, quality does not result from testing the finished products, but starts as early as possible by clarifying the customer requirements. The so-called frontloading is based on the best possible preparation, information procurement, planning and clarification of technical possibilities and feasibility, in order to offer the customers a solution which meets his requirements so we can keep our promise. It is always about error prevention and further continuous improvement. If errors do occur, they should be recognized as early as possible and their causes should be eliminated by means of effective corrective measures.

Quality at STÜKEN is also an expression of corporate culture. It is based on the performance and responsibility of each single employee at his workplace. However, quality is always a team performance as well. Creativity, problem solving competence and initiative in cooperation in interdisciplinary and departmental teams are a key to success. On top of this, STÜKEN invests in efficient technical facilities, good workplace design, work safety and sustainable environmental protection.



Dr.-Ing. Hubert Schmidt                                                Dr.-Ing. Uwe Krismann


Integrated management system policy for STÜKEN in Hradec Králové

Integrated management system policy is based on Global Quality and Environmental Principles of STÜKEN Group.
1.    We understand Quality and Environmental care as a basic condition how to be successful.
       Responsibility for Quality and Environmental protection is our request we take as the main task.
2.    We always act with a target to achieve the satisfaction of both our customers and other interested
3.    Each employee contributes to meet our customer requirements as well as she/he is responsible for
       economical energy consumption (water, electricity, etc.) and raw material usage.
4.    We always compare ourselves with the best ones and strive to be the leaders on the market. We
       use such technologies that make economical usage of the incoming materials possible as well as
       they are environment friendly.
5.    We build on our skills of our employees.
6.    We accept no failures and put emphasis to failure prevention.
7.    Continuous improvement, that’s what we take as the base for Quality improvement and
       Environmental protection.
8.    We use vast and certified integrated Quality and Environment Management System.
9.    We make our suppliers and other partners undertaken to keep the Quality and Environmental
10.  The company management makes a commitment to all relevant obligations (e.g. Environment
       protection, Health safety and preservation, mutually agreed Customer requirements, etc.)

Dr. Hubert Schmidt

Dr.-Ing. Uwe Krismann

Dipl.-Ing. Nils Petersohn