Der Hintergrund

Components for clever medical devices

Exemplary for precision - and attractiveness

One of our most important references in the field of medical engineering is Lilly Diabetes. The company has been active in diabetes medicine and research for more than 90 years. In 1923 the company brought the world's first insulin on the market. For hundreds of thousands of people with diabetes that meant saving their lives.

Today, the goal is the highest possible quality of life. An insulin pen is a big step in that direction. STÜKEN has contributed significantly by surrounding the powerful interior with an adequate cover; it provides protection and high ergonomics. This requires a perfect understanding of the needs and demands of our customers alongside with quality production.

The HumaPen® Savvio helps to dose the insulin accurately, it is user-friendly - and it is smart. Upon opening the case, apparently a writing utensil appears. About 15 centimeters long, just over 30 grams, made of high quality anodized aluminum. The pen simply is loaded with a cartridge.

The HumaPen® Savvio has a lean design and does not look like a medical device, more like a nice accessory. It is available in six colors like subtle silver, soft pink and bright lime green. A device that is attractive to the consumer. And also is for Lilly Diabetes.

The STÜKEN deep-drawn sleeves and caps made of aluminum replaced turned brass parts. It is a beautiful piece of development work from our company and a great advantage for Lilly Diabetes. This new design reduced costs and increased possibilities: Only by using aluminum with its suitability for anodizing the many colors were made possible.

Precision and economics can also be very beautiful.