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Mechanical Craft Apprenticeship Program continues at STÜKEN North America

September 2016

Mechanical Craft Apprenticeship Program carried on at STÜKEN North America

STÜKEN North America is proud to announce the second year of the Mechanical Craft Apprenticeship Program.

Based on the successful system at STÜKEN in Rinteln, Germany, the first three young colleagues started their apprenticeship in Fountain Inn, USA in September 2015. After this successful start 2 new young colleagues now joined the company to become highly trained members of the STÜKEN production team.
These young men were chosen based on attitude, aptitude, and initiative from numerous top students in the local area.  

The Stueken L.L.C. Mechanical Craft Apprenticeship Program stands out for many reasons:
Firstly, the training encompasses the comprehensive STÜKEN Qualification Program (SQP) with its “12 Elements of Competence”. Over the course of their apprenticeship, the novices become experts in all aspects of the production process as well as the
value-adding processes following the deep-drawing operations. Secondly, apprentices will earn a certificate of completion in Mechanical Craft Apprenticeship Basics from Greenville Technical College and will have the opportunity to continue.



December 2016

STÜKEN doubles the size of its production site in the Czech Republic

Rinteln / Hradec Králové, The plant in the Czech Republic is one of five production sites of the STÜKEN Group. On a production area of approximately 5,000 m² and with 170 employees, it currently achieves a turnover of 12.5 million euros. Since the company expects its sales to double in the next few years, the production area will be expanded by 5,600 m², and the number of employees will also increase accordingly. The new areas were inaugurated together with customers and employees on December 16th, 2016.

The headcount has already doubled since STÜKEN took over operation of Possehl Electronics in 2005. The STÜKEN Group developed what originally had been a tooling company into its competence center for stamping technology and injection molded metal parts. The plant in the Czech Republic also offers complex assembly solutions, mainly serving regional customers.

The extension building is a segmented hall including a separate clean zone for injection molding and assembly, for the stamping department, for toolmaking as well as for the warehouse and shipping departments. The machinery is supplemented by stamping presses, injection molding machines, and machines for fully automated assembly production.

STÜKEN Hradec Králové will invest even more in qualified employees in the future. For this purpose, the company is setting up an apprentice workshop and training classrooms in one part of the building. Apprentices and new employees will benefit from this.

STÜKEN has been thinking and acting globally since the middle of the 1990s. At that time, the company was generating a considerable part of its revenues in the USA, and consequently opened a plant in South Carolina in 1997.

"You have to go where the demand is and supply locally," says Dr. Hubert Schmidt, commercial manager of STÜKEN. Today, five production sites in Germany, the Czech Republic, North America, and the People's Republic of China belong to the STÜKEN Group. In addition, the group has eleven sales locations in Europe, India, South Korea, Mexico, Central and South America.

The newest production site is located in Germany, in the Rinteln-Süd industrial area. STÜKEN built the subsidiary plant according to lean production principles, attaching great importance to an extremely high level of cleanliness. The site located on Alter Todenmanner Straße in Rinteln-Nord, however, is and will remain the headquarters of the STÜKEN Group.    





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STÜKEN doubles the size of its production site in Czech Republic
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