Der Hintergrund

The industry specialists

Deep drawn parts, stampings and bent metal parts of STÜKEN are essential components of production in many industries. Their special properties make products safer, more durable, and economical.

In addition, through decades of experience and through close cooperation with our clients, we have developed ourselves into specialists for various industries. So if you are looking for new solutions or alternatives to existing ones, if you are working on innovations, we are here for you – with our products as wells as a partner in the development work.



Interesting Facts

40 STÜKEN - parts in every car!

Headlights, ABS, brake systems, fuel injection, transmission, steering, electrical systems, exhaust systems, cooling systems - STÜKEN technology can be found in every part of the car.


Receptacles for piping systems

Together with our customers, we have developed plug-in sleeves in various sizes to connect piping in plumbing and heating pipes.



What exactly is ISO/TS 16949?

At Stüken all work towards one goal: the zero defect. We are guided by the internationally recognized standard ISO / TS 16949. ISO stands for "Internal Organization for Standardization, TS for "Technical Specification ". This standard combines general requirements of the automotive industry for quality management and can be applied throughout the supply chain.

What is meant by Tier 1 and Tier 2?

The automotive industry uses these terms for their suppliers. “Tier” (or  “rank”) is used in combination with a number (Tier 1, Tier 2, etc.) and describes the status of the supplier in the supply chain.
Tier 1 names the direct suppliers with larger assemblies and systems. Tier 2 are suppliers of sub-assemblies and individual components. The chain is continued for the entire automobile production. As a supplier of parts and assemblies STÜKEN  applies in most cases as Tier 2.