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SWEP15®: extremely hard surfaces – long-lasting precision

SWEP15® stands for STÜKEN Wear Protection and defines an innovative process for the case hardening of austenitic stainless steel. SWEP15® treated components obtain an extremely hard, wear resistant surface. As a result, hardness can reach more than 1,400 HV 0.1 depending on the application.

Stamping or deep drawing - SWEP15® ensures component wear resistance

Thanks to SWEP15®, only we can offer you highprecision stampings and deep-drawn components with a unique wear protection - from a single source. You can rely on the superior product quality STÜKEN is renowned for. We manage the entire production process – and you benefit from the organizational and logistical advantages. This saves time and money. Another advantage: Well attuned work flows together with our technological leadership in technical cleanliness guarantee optimum results for demanding applications.

Less wear, longer lifetime

More powerful, more economical, safer – this is why we developed SWEP15®. The first customers already benefit from the new, hardwearing and durable components. In one of these applications, SWEP15® minimizes wear on the seat of an ABS valve.

SWEP15® with benefits - in automobiles and elsewhere

Not only in automobiles does SWEP15® unlock its advantages. SWEP15® offers a solution wherever low wear and high fatigue strength are required.

> Surface hardness of more than 1,400 HV 0.1 depending on the application
> 2-phase layer of carbon and nitrogen adjustable between 5 and 30 μm
> 10x longer lifetime compared to untreated components
> Less than 1 μm wear after 150 million strokes

Excellent quality

> High component strength and fatigue strength
> High dimensional and form stability
> Uniform, peripherally closed layer
> Optimum wear protection

Lower costs

> Less wall thickness, less weight
> Lightweight design
> Cost-effective processing as bulk material

Broad spectrum

Your component is less than 3 mm in size? Or more than 10 mm? Or a multiple thereof? We offer SWEP15® for short and long parts, with and without bottom. Even complex components with very small holes or components with an extreme length-to-diameter ratio can be treated with SWEP15®. We are happy to check the feasibility for your component. Please contact us!


Download:  SWEP15® Brochure

Here is a selection of application areas.

How can SWEP15® help you?

  • Abrasion and wear resistant functional parts
  • Housings for solenoid valves in ABS and ESP systems in the automotive industry
  • Increased component strength requirements for solenoid valves
  • Sleeves and seats for
    • Fuel injection valves
    • Power transmission systems
    • Advanced driver assistance systems
    • Brake Systems
    • Transmissions
    • Cam phaser
    • Control valves
    • Gas regulators
    • Oil valves